Spain Student Visa – Spain Student Visa Requirement


With the Spain Student Visa, international students can study and work part-time during their stay abroad. This allows international students to work up to a maximum of twenty hours each week in Spain. However, it is important that You know the Spain student visa requirements before you apply.

Spain Student Visa - Spain Student Visa Requirement

If You are a foreigner who wants to study in Spain, check out this as it will tell You about the Spain Student Visa, bring the requirements and also how You can apply for it.

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Spain Student Visa

Spain Student Visa is also the Spain study permit and it allows international students to study in Spain and also work part-time Jobs during their stay. Teaching assistants and au pairs can also get this Visa. However, You do not need it You are studying in Spain for less than 90 days.

US citizens that are studying in Spain on Academic Year-long programs that last longer than ninety days are required by Spanish law to get a student visa. Also, US citizens who are on Winter Term and Summer Terms do not need this Visa.

Foreign students that are not citizens of the US should contact the Spanish embassy in their country about the Spain Student Visa requirement.

Activities that Merit a Spain Student Visa

Additionally, You will also get to know the Activities that Merit a Spain Student Visa below that are important. The list below contains the activities that you need for this.

  • Minimum of twenty hours per week of studies at an accredited education centre or school that will result in a diploma, degree or certificate
  • Doctoral studies and training activities
  • High school or middle school exchange programs with an accredited school
  • Au Pair programs and teaching assistants
  • Traineeships or internships at the private or public entities that do not qualify for an internship Visa

Spain Student Visa Requirement

There are also some requirements that you need before You can obtain a Spain Student Visa. Without these, You cannot apply for a study permit or Visa as they are very important. So, it is important that You take note of the Spain Student Visa Requirement below.

  • Visa Application form. International students need to complete and sign a Visa application, filling in all the details and sections. A parent or accredited representative must sign the application if the applicant is a minor.
  • Passport
  • Identity Card. This might be a driver’s license or national identity card
  • Student Identity
  • Two current passport photos
  • Letter of acceptance for the study, volunteer or training activity or internship. As an applicant, You need to provide an original copy of the document you are presenting.
  • Health and mental insurance
  • Proof of funds. This means you have to provide your statements and other necessary details.
  • Criminal Record certificate. Also, applicants need to prove that they do not have any criminal records.
  • Proof of Resident
  • Visa Fee payment
  • Legal representatives’ authorization.

These are the documents that You need to get a Spain Student Visa or study permit, so You should ensure that you have them.

How to Get Student Visa for Spain

Furthermore, you will get to know How to Get Student Visa for Spain below as it is necessary. The process you need for this is not complicated so, check the list below to apply for one.

  • To begin, Apply to any Spanish University in Spain and get your acceptance letter
  • Next, choose the type of student Visa You need to study in Spain. This can be a short-term student Visa or a long-term student Visa.
  • Contact the Spanish Embassy in Your country once you get accepted to a Spanish university.
  • Now, provide the documents for the Spain Student Visa to the embassy or you can schedule an appointment.

With this, You have successfully applied for the Visa, all You just have to do is to wait for a response. US citizens need to apply for a visa at the Consulate of Spain which is under the jurisdiction of the US.

Suppose Your study visa or permit is rejected. In that case, You can submit an appeal for reconsideration for the Consular Office within one month of the day after which you get the notification.

How Long Will it take for My Spain Student Visa to be Issued Once I Apply?

It takes about seven to ten weeks to issue a Visa once You have submitted your application. Although, You should also check the consulate’s website for any information.

Which Visa Application Do I Fill Out?

It is required that You obtain a student Visa using the National Visa application so You can stay in Spain for longer than ninety days.

How is My Spain Student Visa Issued to Me?

Now, You may be wondering how You can get Your Spain student Visa. You should know that some consulates will mail you your passport with Your Visa onside. While you need to go back to the consulate to pick up your passport and Visa in person in some consulates.

How Much Bank Balance is Required for SPAIN Student Visa?

Finally, You will get to know How Much Bank Balance You need for your Spain Student Visa below. The proof of funds You have to provide should be a minimum of $1500 per month.


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