Skilled Worker US Visa – Employment Immigrant Visas


If you are a skilled worker or a professional, You may be eligible for the US Employment-based Immigration Visa. If you want to immigrate to the United State and you are a professional or a skilled worker, You are definitely going to need the EB-3 Visa.

Skilled Worker US Visa - Employment Immigrant Visas

The US also gives visas to people who qualify to work in the country besides family and immediate relative immigration visas. EB-3 Visa allows international workers who have found an employer willing to them to come to the US permanently.

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Skilled Worker US Visa

Skilled Worker US Visa is also the Employment-Based Immigrate Visa and it allows professional and skilled workers to immigrate to the USA. Current united state immigration law provides several paths for foreign workers to enter the US for employment purposes on a permanent or temporary basis.

Every year, about 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of US immigration law.

EB3 Visa

Now, EB3 Visa is a third-priority worker visa and it lets there different types of workers go to the United State and work there.

Skilled workers are among the workers and those who have completed about two or three years of job experience or training are under this category. Professionals are among the type of workers under the EB3 visa. People under this category are those with higher education degrees.

Lastly, unskilled workers are under the EB3 Visa and it is for those with less than two years of work experience or training.

Now this EB3 Visa is looking for professional immigrants who would like to work in the United State. Whereas there are certain requirements You need to meet to qualify for this Visa.

EB3 Visa Requirements

Like earlier, You need to meet certain requirements before You can apply for the EB3 skilled worker US Visa. Now, below You will get to know the requirements that You need to apply for this Visa.

  • Firstly, You must be able to show that You possess at least two years of job experience, education or training that meets the job requirements specified on the Labour certification.
  • Secondly, relevant post-secondary education can be considered as training.
  • Lastly, You must be performing work for which qualified workers are not available in the United State.

These are the available EB3 Visa Requirements You need. So, if you are a skilled worker that wants to work in the United State, You should ensure to meet these requirements.

Required Documentation for Skilled Worker US Visa

Generally, the Required Documentation for Skilled Worker US Visa is what You will get below.

  • This should be valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States unless longer validity is specifically requested by the US embassy in your country.
  • Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application “Form DS-260”
  • Two 2×2 photographs
  • Also, You will need Civil Documents for the applicant
  • Proof of Wealth
  • Medical report

These are the documents that You need to apply for the Skilled Worker US Visa. Also, NVC will schedule the applicant’s interview appointment once they determine the file is complete. The applicant’s third-party agent or attorney will receive an appointment letter or emails containing the date and time of the Visa interview.

Skilled Worker US Visa Ineligibility

There are certain activities or conditions that may make applicants ineligible for the skilled worker US Visa. Some of them are submitting fraudulent documents, drug trafficking or overstaying a previous visa.

You will get information from the consular officer You are ineligible for a Visa. You will also get a complete list of the inedibility.

Who is Eligible for Skilled Worker US Visa “EB3 Visa”?

International must prove the following in order to qualify for the EB3 visa

  • They must have a valid job offer from a US employer
  • They also must have the qualification to meet the job description in terms of the level of job experience or level of education

Additionally, the US employer must also prove the following so they can qualify for sponsoring an international worker for an EB3 visa

  • The employer must prove they could that they could not find an available, willing or qualified US worker for the job position.
  • Also, the employer needs to prove his or her financial stability

How to Apply for Skilled Worker US Visa

The application for the Skilled Worker US Visa “EB3” have different steps that involve both the employers and the international employee. This process comes for the EB3 visa has two parts, firstly US employer obtains the labour certification and files the necessary petition.

Additionally, if approved the international employee then applies for the EW-3 visa at a US embassy in their home country.

To apply for the EW-3, You need to meet the travel embassy in your country, purchase the form and submit the required documents and wait for a response.

EB3 Green Card Processing Time

Now, the EB3 Green Card Processing Time can most times be from a low of one to three years to a very long wait time of five or more years. The EB3 processing time can be quite long since the EB3 visa has an annual visa cap.

Benefits of Skilled Worker US Visa “EB3 Visa”

The international workers can go to the United State with an Eb3 vis, live there temporary or permanently and work without EAD. There are also a lot of other benefits of the EB3 Visa.

How Can I Get a Skilled Work Visa in the USA?

To obtain a Skilled Work Visa in the USA, obtain an approved application for permanent labour certification from the US Department of Labor (DOL). Pay the necessary fees and provide the required evidence.


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