Is Wedding Insurance Worth the Cost? Check to Know


Is Wedding Insurance really worth the cost? Buying Wedding Insurance is a very brilliant idea. However, it is important that You know what it covers and what it does not.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth the Cost? Check to Know

So, this post will tell You what You need to know ow about wedding Insurance. It will also show You if it is really worth the cost.

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Wedding Insurance

To begin, Wedding Insurance is a special event Insurance that offers protection financially for issues that relate to your celebration. This can provide financial protection from unforeseen events on Your big day celebration.

It also covers accidents or injuries that may occur during Your wedding or the reception ceremony. Wedding postponement or cancellation can reimburse You for the cost You incur if You call off or postpone the ceremony due to personal reasons.

There are two main types of wedding Insurance which are Wedding Liability Insurance and Wedding Cancellation or Postponement.

Wedding Liability Insurance

This Insurance will help You pay for injuries that occur during your event or pay for the damages done.

Wedding Cancellation or Postponement

Also, this Insurance will reimburse You if the reception or ceremony wedding is postponed or cancelled because of reasons that are beyond your control.

What Wedding Insurance Does Not Cover

You should know that wedding Insurance does not cover everything that might go wrong. So, check below to see the list of things it does not cover.

1. Cost

Generally, Cancellation or Postponement of the wedding because of cost is not covered by wedding insurance.

2. Change of Heart

Also, if You or Your wedding partner changes Your mind about getting married, the wedding Insurance will not cover the cost resulting from the wedding cancellation.

3. Wedding Insurance Cost

The wedding Insurance cost depends on a lot of factors like location, size of the wedding, coverage amount and a lit more.

Generally, a basic postponement or cancellation policy range around the cost of $100 – $500. In addition, general liability coverage that gives up to $1 million in coverage for injuries or accidents costs about $125.

However, before going for any of them, You should check the insurance company policies. Now that You know about this, You will get to know if it is really worth the cost below.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth the Cost?

Yes, this is because wedding Insurance can help cover Your cost if things go wrong at Your event or ceremony. This could really be worth the investment.


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