How to Activate CapitalOne Card @


The CapitalOne Activate allows You to activate Your credit card online and once You have done this, You can enjoy all its features. Currently, Capital One is a notable foundation in financials and it has over 30 million shoppers around the globe.

How to Activate CapitalOne Card @

However, if You have Your card and want to activate it, this post will show You how to do this. It will also provide other information that You might find very helpful. You will get to know how You can activate Your card via the mobile application and the Capital One website in this article.

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How to Activate CapitalOne Card Via

Now, You can easily activate Your card online by visiting However, t do this, You will need to provide Your necessary details. Follow the steps below to activate your card online.

  • Connect to the internet on Your smartphone or PC
  • Using Your web browser, visit
  • Once the page opens sign in to Your account. You can do this by providin Your login details on the space provided
  • Next, choose the account that is linked to Your card
  • Now, look for a button to activate your card. This is near the Debit Card Tracker
  • Once done, click on “Activate My Card” and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to complete the process.

These are what You need for the CapitalOne activate card process. All, You have to do is follow the steps accordingly. With this, You can start using Your Capital One card for shopping online and You can also use it to pay bills.

How to Activate CapitalOne Card via the Mobile Application

Additionally, You will get to know How to Activate CapitalOne Card via the Mobile Application. This can be easily done, just follow the steps in the list below to do this.

  • Connect to the internet
  • Launch the Capital One Mobile app on Your device. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS and iPhone devices.
  • Log in to Your account with Your credentials
  • Next, visit Your profile
  • Click on the “Account” tab
  • Your card will be displayed on the screen. Now, You have to click on the activate card button for card activation.

Can I Activate my Capital One Card by Phone?

Yes, You can activate Your Capital One card by phone. With this, You do not need to connect to the internet. So, follow the steps below to carry this out.

  • Contact Capital One customer care line. You can get the line by visiting the website
  • Wait till the rep attend to Your call
  • You will have to provide Your social security number “SSN” to the representative during the call so they can verify your proof of identity
  • If necessary and when prompted, give the card data on Your manual card to the call attendant
  • Now, follow all the steps that will be provided by the call representative

With these steps, You can successfully activate Your Capital One credit card by phone.


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