Canada Truck Driver Visa – Truck Driver Jobs in Canada


Canada Truck Driver Visa enables foreigners to immigrate to Canada as truck drivers. With this, they can get truck drivers jobs in Canada. If You love driving long trucks for a long-distance journeys, then You might need this Visa.

Like the US and other countries, Truck Drivers are high in demand in Canada. So, You will get to know how to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver.

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Canada Truck Driver Visa

There are a lot of truck driver jobs in Canada for foreigners and You can apply for one but You will need a truck driver’s Visa. You need to apply for a permit to be able to work in Canada to grab hold of one of the Many Truck driver jobs in Canada.

There are a lot of immigration programs that You can apply through so You can work as a truck driver in Canada. So, below You will get to know some of the best truck driver immigration programs that you can apply for.

Canada Truck Driver Immigration Program

As said earlier, you will get to know some of the best truck driver immigration programs here. There are a lot of them available but You will get to know some of the best and top ones on the list below.

1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP)

This program is for workers who want permanent residence in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces. The Atlantic provinces are Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Also, Atlantic Immigration Pilot is open to foreign graduates who have completed their studies in one of the provinces above. The three programs within the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program and
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program

You should focus on the Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program if You want to work as a truck driver in Canada. To apply for this program, You must

  • Have some years’ experience working in a position that requires a high school education
  • Your school diploma must e equal to Canadian credentials. You need to take an Educational Credential Assessment “ECA” report to prove this. Also, You need to prove that You are proficient enough in French and English to live in Canada
  • Lastly, You will need to provide proof of funds that meet the required amount to support Yourself.

2. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

With the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), you can immigrate to Canada as a truck driver. This program allows people who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents to work in Canada in positions that are facing a Labour shortage.

The temporary Foreign Worker Program allows employers to hire foreign workers to fill these in-demand positions. Applying for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an important part of the hiring process if you are applying through the TFWP and receive a job offering in Canada.

3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Additionally, with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), You can get a job in Canada as a truck driver. This program allows skilled workers to work and live in one of the eleven participating process provinces and territories in Canada.

You can stand a good chance of being successful by applying through the Provincial Nominee Program since truck driving is an in-demand occupation. Meanwhile, you will be nominated to be considered for residency if your application for a PNP is successful.

Truck Driver Jobs Canada Foreigners

There are a lot of Truck Driver Jobs for Canada Foreigners that You can apply for. But you will need the Canada Truck Driver Visa. In British Columbia, the average annual salary that truck drivers get is $35,000 and it is $40,00 in Nova Scotia.

Now, since the demand for truck drivers is very high in Canada, You can easily get a job there but you will need some years of experience so can get one. There are also a lot of Canadian trucking companies that are hiring foreigners with Visa sponsorship.

Truck Driver Job Benefits in Canada

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada also come with a lot of Benefits. The first benefit that You should know is that the jobs are high paying. You also get insurance but it all depends on Your employers.

Another good benefit of working as a truck driver in Canada is that You can travel while You work so You can enjoy sightseeing and driving countrywide.

Documents Required for Canada Truck Driver Visa

Furthermore, You will get to know the Documents Requires for Canada Truck Driver Visa. Since immigration is a legal process, authorities require certain documents of the applicant for the process. So, the documents that You need are in the list below

  • Passport Photograph
  • Medical reports
  • Criminal Record reports. You will need to prove that you have no criminal record
  • Work permit application form
  • A valid and legal passport
  • A copy of Your employment letter
  • Work Experience letter
  • Proof of Wealth
  • Language Proficiency in short “IELTS” score

So, these are documents that You need for a Canada Truck Driver Visa “Work permit”

How to Get a Canada Truck Driver Visa

Getting a Canada Truck Driver Visa or work permit is not difficult. So, follow the steps below so you can successfully get one.

  • Apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Provide all the necessary documents
  • Apply for a work permit
  • Now, complete any procedures for a work permit Visa

With these steps, You have applied for a Canadian Truck Driver Visa all You have to do now is to wait for a response.

Is LMIA Compulsory to Work as a Truck Driver in Canada?

Yes, this is compulsory. You should know that all employers should apply for the federal Labor Market Impact Assessment “LMIA” process. This is to allow them to hire international drivers as temporary foreign workers.

How Much do Truck Drivers in Earn in Canada?

In Canada, truck drivers can earn an annual salary of between $30,00 to $80,00 per year. So, You should take note that truck drivers’ jobs in Canada are well paying.

Does Canada Need a Truck Driver?

Currently, You should take note that truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. So, Yes, Canada needs a lot of truck drivers.

Can Truck Driver Get PR in Canada?

First of all, You must begin working for an approved trucking firm on a temporary work permit. The trucker may apply to the SINP for permanent resident status after sox month of employment if an approved trucking firm offers permanent employment.



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