The Best Electric Bike “EBike” Insurance of 2022


We all need coverage for our assets and just as we have insurance on cars, there is also insurance for Bikes. Today, we would be informing you on The Best EBike Insurance of 2022.

The Best Electric Bike "EBike" Insurance of 2022

The insurance on bikes guarantees protection against losses like theft, damage and even accidents. You may have rental or home insurance, but Ebikes are often of limited coverage while some policies do not include coverage for Ebikes at all.

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The Best Ebike (Electric Bike) Insurance Policy

There are a lot of Ebike (Electric Bike) Insurance policies available whereas, this post will bring five of the best ones.

Ebikes are of course a new trend, therefore, insurance companies on Ebikes are not much in the market.

The best insurance policies are those that include good customer service, theft protection, collision damage as well as liability insurance.

1. Spoke Insurance

This insurance is recommended to any Ebike rider as they offer reliable services at affordable rates. In simple terms, one does not need to break a bank to get started.


  • The policy has good coverage options that offer generous limits.
  • For coverage, you can start the policy at just $100 per year
  • Low deductible options are also made available
  • It is also easy to file a quote online via the Markel website


  • Coverage is not free worldwide as the insurance is not available in all states.
  • Discounts are not available
  • The offer is made available for only customers of Markel home and rental insurance.
  • The company sells coverage via Markel so it does not underwrite its own policies.

2. Sunday’s Insurance

This policy is chosen as it offers great international coverage for bikes. This means that you don’t have to worry about your bike being stolen, damaged or also lost in a cargo hold on an overseas getaway.


  • The process of getting a quote, purchasing coverage, as well as filing a claim online is easy.
  • Under a standard policy, Ebikes batteries qualify for coverage.
  • It offers free perks for Strava members.
  • With the inclusion of some unique policy options, there also is comprehensive coverage options.
  • While you are travelling overseas, you can get airline shipping and physical damage coverage if you add a worldwide extension to your policy.


  • Coverage is not made available for free worldwide.
  • Coverage limits are relatively low.
  • The policy is not available in every state.
  • In order to get access to the extra perks, payment has to be made for the extension.

3. Velosurance

Velosurance insurance is highly recommended as it gives the adequate provision of its enormous policy options, comprehensive coverage, as well as unique features that cannot be found in many other carriers of Ebike insurance.


  • Membership organizations are open to discounts.
  • Offers repair shop network, nationwide.
  • With the inclusion of some specialized policies, there is a wide variety of coverage available.
  • It is easy to find repair experts in your area if your Ebike needs fixing after a covered claim as Velosurance has a nationwide network of bike shops.


  • Coverage is not made available in every state.
  • The instant quote cannot be gotten online.
  • Information about pricing as well as deductibles cannot be found on the website.

4. McClain

Also, the McClain insurance makes provision for high coverage limits making it perfect for bikers who want financial protection as well as the added peace of mind in the case of an e-bike accident.


  • High coverage limits for certain policies are provided.
  • To ensure that your coverage is never outdated, there is an annual ‘five minutes insurance checkup’
  • Premiums are given at affordable rates as the starting rate is $250 per year.


  • Coverage is not made available in every state.
  • Third parties reviews are few, in addition, there are also a few AM Best financial strength ratings.
  • In comparison to other providers, there is very limited coverage.
  • The company does not include any unique features like travel protection, replacement cost coverage as well as international coverage in its advertisement.

5. Simple Bike Insurance

Now, Simple Bike Insurance has a policy that includes customizable coverage, protection for competitive cyclists as well as good discounts when insuring multiple bikes.


  • You can start low-cost policies at just $100 per year.
  • Availability of coverage nationwide.
  • Discounts offered for policy savings are plenty.
  • It is more affordable for Ebikes owners who have multiple bikes.
  • Discount is available for certain membership organizations.
  • It is easy to get a quote online.


  • Customer support options are limited.
  • The minimum age for the primary operator on the policy is 18.
  • It is impossible to bundle your policies as the company only sells bike insurance.


Markel insurance underwrites policies for most Ebike insurance carriers. When it comes to online tools, coverage limits, policy options as well as starting prices, there are differences in each Ebike insurance carrier even though they share many similarities.


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