5 Best Digital Insurance Providers of 2022


The world is now a computer village where everything can be bought and gotten easily online. Nowadays, appointments are even made online as well as insurance policies which is why we would be informing you on the Best Digital Insurance Providers.

5 Best Digital Insurance Providers of 2022

These days, one can buy insurance online like any other purchases made as there are many digital insurance companies that provide app-based as well as online services.

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Best Digital Insurance Service Providers of 2022

There are a lot of Digital Insurance Providers available whereas, in this post, You are going to get five of the best ones.

Insurtech age has proven to be a very informative one. Answers to consumers’ biggest questions can easily be gotten as well as guidance via the process of buying insurance, everything is covered in minutes.

The best digital Insurance companies have been researched to help you get the best coverage regardless of the policy you need.

1. Root Auto Insurance

The company’s insurance focuses on giving rewards to good drivers for their good driving habits. As well as allowing drivers to cut their premium in half or more, the app also has rich features.


  • Every policy inclusion of roadside assistance with the exclusion of California drivers.
  • Rewards are given to good drivers.
  • The rich features of the mobile app enable everything to be easily handled.
  • It is possible for customers to save up to 52% on their auto insurance rates.


  • Interested persons are required to participate in a test drive for two-to-three weeks before qualifying.
  • Currently, Root does not cover commercial vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, etc.
  • Availability is only in 32 states.

2. Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar Health Insurance makes connections between doctors and customers easy via its growing healthcare network.


  • In some states, HSA-compatible plans are available.
  • In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, four coverage tiers are offered.
  • Availability of free telemedicine, 24 hours a day.


  • The in-network provider of the company’s network was recently reduced.
  • Limitation of some benefits to participants in specified areas.
  • Available only in some states.

3. Esurance

Esurance offers good coverage for homes, pets, motorcycles as well as life. Irrespective of what you need coverage for, Esurance is worth a try as it has an easy-to-use mobile app. They also have amazing discounts.


  • The mobile app and website make it easy to buy and manage policies.
  • The company offers different insurance products for customers to choose from.
  • The company offers different discounts to drivers.
  • It is available in all 50 states and DC.
  • There is no need to speak to an agent unless you want to.


  • The offer of auto insurance is limited to 43 states only.
  • An instalment fee on monthly premium payments is charged to customers.
  • The number of consumer complaints is high.

4. Next Insurance

Protecting your business, whether big or small with insurance is very important. With Next Insurance, you can buy coverage for your business in minutes.


  • They offer coverage for 1300+ various types of businesses.
  • They have eight different types of coverage to choose from.
  • Available currently in 49 states.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to buy coverage online.
  • You can buy a policy for as low as $19 a month.


  • The mobile app is currently not available.
  • All products are not available in every state.

5. Haven Life Insurance

Haven Life insurance makes buying life insurance easy with affordable term coverage and a simple digital process.


  • You can purchase a standard term policy till the age of 64.
  • Instant coverage with the instant term, medical exams are not offered.
  • Three optional riders are provided to choose from.
  • The company unlike others will allow you to complete the process online.


  • Interested persons who are on active military duty or enlisting are not eligible.
  • Medical exams will be needed from many applicants to finalize coverage.
  • Life-term policies only are available.

So, these are one of the Best Digital Insurance Providers.


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