The 6 Best Cellphone Insurance Providers in 2022


Today, we will be informing you about the Best Cellphone Insurance. The right cellphone insurance policy can make the expenses of unexpected phone repairs affordable.

The 6 Best Cellphone Insurance Providers in 2022

When a customer purchases a cellphone policy, a monthly or annual premium is paid, typically between $5 and $20 monthly. In the event that the device becomes lost, stolen, as well as damaged, they can repair or replace it for a fraction of the market value with a payment of a deductible.

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The Best Cellphone Insurance Policy of 2022

Similar coverage is offered by most insurance policies, but it is vital to review the different policies and providers before making a decision.

1. AppleCare+

With specifications for iPhone as well as other apple devices, AppleCare+ provides affordable coverage which makes it the best option for iPhone users.


  • Premiums are low.
  • Availability of certified Apple parts as well as technicians.
  • Availability of theft and loss policy options.


  • If you want to start a policy 60 or more days after purchasing your iPhone, additional steps are required.
  • Coverage is available for only Apple devices.

2. Asurion

Asurion provides affordable as well as comprehensive coverage coupled with an easy-to-claim process.


  • Coverage is robust and it also includes loss.
  • The company directly works with different top wireless providers.
  • The process of claiming is easy.
  • Coverage is affordable.


  • They do not offer the lowest premiums on the market.
  • Some devices require higher deductibles.

3. Samsung Care+

A great option for Samsung owners, Samsung Care+ offers a $0 deductible as well as expert support for mechanical breakdown.


  • Availability of low premiums for some devices.
  • $0 deductible is required to make a mechanical claim.
  • They provide expert Samsung technicians to provide repair services.
  • They provide 24/7 support.


  • Some devices require high premiums.

4. Square Trade

Square Trade offers good policies for families with affordable rates, higher yearly claim allowances as well as multiple-device policies.


  • You are allowed to make four to eight claims each year.
  • Rates for family plans are competitive.
  • Coverage is offered for different phones irrespective of make, age or model.
  • Backed by Allstate and is marketed as one of the most affordable cellphone insurance plans.


  • Prices of deductible for older phones may be higher.
  • Slow mail-in repairs.

5. Akko

As a cellphone owner on a budget, Akko’s unique approach to cellphone insurance allows policyholders to take advantage of the lowest premiums in the industry.


  • Inclusion of coverage of any other electronic devices.
  • Availability of students discounts.
  • Monthly premiums are low.
  • Availability of multi-policy discounts.


  • Limitations in coverage for lost phones.
  • AKKO determines the replacement value.

6. Progressive

Progressive Customers are free to customize their policy based on the devices, coverage amount, and policy term.


  • Progressive customers are offered discounts.
  • Coverage is customizable.
  • Different devices can be covered.


  • Manufacturer defects are not covered.
  • For two to three years policies, full payment is required.


Getting cellphone insurance helps to protect cellphone owners against the cost of unnecessary phone repair. It is easy to get a good policy once you find one that suits your needs.

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