Apply for PR Canada – Apply for Permanent Resident Visa


To apply for a permanent resident in short “PR” Visa in Canada is not that complicated but it requires some steps and You will get them here. If You like to learn how to get a permanent residency in Canada, You will get to know this in this post.

Apply for PR Canada - Apply for Permanent Resident Visa

Now, the Canadian permanent residency “PR” process requires determining your eligibility for permanent residence. Also, You should know that Canada plans to invite over 431 thousand permanent residents in 2022 through several pathways.

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Apply for PR Canada

Firstly, a permanent resident is one who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. A permanent resident in Canada is a citizen of other countries. Also, a person in Canada temporarily, like a foreign worker or student is not a permanent resident.

To apply for PR Canada, You need to determine if You are eligible for permanent resident status. So, You will learn how to determine if You are eligible for a permanent resident status below.

How to Determine if You are Eligible for a Permanent Resident Status in Canada

The eligibility for permanent residency in Canada is what You will get below. Firstly, You need to calculate your score in the CRS system for express entry. You need to add all points that You obtain through the level of education, and categories of age. Official language proficiency and a lot more.

Additionally, applicants need to prove that they have funds to support themselves and their family members except they can work legally in the country or have valid job offers.

Who Can Apply for Permanent Resident “PR” Status in Canada

Furthermore, anyone is allowed to apply for a PR in Canada, whereas, individuals who are qualified for it will only be accepted. You will be determined by the following to find if You are eligible for a permanent residency in Canada

  • Level of Education
  • Age
  • Second official Language
  • Official Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience

Canada Permanent Resident “PR” Period of Stay

Furthermore, the Canada PR is issued for five years can it can be renewed. You must stay in Canada for 730 days within five years to keep your PR status.

Categories for Canadian Permanent Residents “PR”

There are also different Categories for Canadian Permanent Residents “PR” and You will get to know them below.

1. Express Entry

The program manages applications for PR for immigrants who can fill jobs where there is a lack of skilled Canadian workers.

2. Business Immigration

The Business Immigration program is a path to invest and find employment in Canada for those immigrants and newcomers.

3. Family Class Immigration

Family Class Immigration is a way to reunite families in Canada. Canadian permanent residents can sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada through several sponsorship programs.

4. Provincial Nominee Program

PNP is a program for workers who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific Canadian territory. All territories have it own streams and programs that target students, business people skilled workers and semi-skilled workers.

5. Canadian Experience Class

CEC is an immigration program meant to help temporary international workers and foreign students to apply their education and work experience towards their application for residency.

Now, You can apply through express entry if You have received an invitation to apply for a Visa.

Documents Required to Apply for Different PR Visas in Canada

Furthermore, below You will get to know the Documents Required to Apply for Different PR Visas in Canada.

  • International English Language Testing System “IELTS” – this is for language test results
  • If You apply through the federal skilled worker’s program, You will need the Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Sufficient funds and proof of wealth
  • Educational degrees
  • Age proof
  • Employment letter or document
  • Medical reports
  • Passport
  • Lastly, You need valid copies and officially translated documents supporting the application

Canada Permanent Residency Visa Processing Time

In addition, the processing time of the Canada PR differs on the basis of the immigration program you apply for. Your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will determine the approval of Your visa. Also, the further processing time is generally around six months once you get an invitation to apply.

Benefits of Getting a Canadian PR

PR Canada also comes with a lot of benefits and You will get to know them below.

  • You get a work and study permit with this visa
  • You can apply for a Canadian Citizenship once you are eligible
  • The Canadian law will protect You
  • You get health care and get the benefits a Canadian citizen get
  • USA accessibility
  • Also, You will get free education for children.

How to Apply for PR Canada Visa

Also, below You will get the guide on How to Apply for PR Canada Visa and the steps You need to do this is easy.

  • Connect to the internet
  • Fill the form online using the required information
  • Scan and upload the necessary documents
  • Pay the required fees
  • Submit the application.

With these steps You can successfully apply for a PR in Canada, once you are done with the application, You need to wait for a response.

How do I Qualify for Canadian PR?

You must have at least twelve months of full-time skilled work experience in Canada in the three years before you can be eligible for a Canadian PR. There are also other requirements that You need to qualify for a Canadian PR.

How much does it cost to apply for Canadian PR?

Now, the application processing fee is approximately $850 and the right of the permanent resident fee is $515. So, You need to have this amount before You can apply for the Canadian PR Visa.


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