Apply Canada Tourist Visa – Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility


The Canada Tourist Visa allows foreigners to visit Canada for tourism purposes and this post will show you how to apply for this Visa. When foreign nationals visit Canada for less than six months, they get a Temporary Resident Visa “TRA”.

Apply Canada Tourist Visa - Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility

There are different types of visas but it all depends on the reason why You want to Visit Canada. The Tourist visa for Canada which is mostly referred to as Canada Visitor Visa is one of the types of Visas.

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Apply Canada Tourist Visa

The Canada Tourist Visa is a temporary Visa for Canada that allows the holder to enter Canada for purposes like holidays or Tourism and visiting families. Getting or applying for a Canada tourist visa is not very difficult. However, You need to meet the Canada visitor’s visa requirements.

Also, Canada Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals to go to a Canadian port of entry and ask for permission to enter the country. If you have been issued a Canada Tourist Visa the border patrol officers will allow You to pass the port of entry and begin your holiday in Canada.

Do I Need an Application for a Canada Tourist Visa?

Most foreign-nation travellers need a visitor visa that grants them entry to Canada. However, there are national countries which need an Electronic Travel Authorization “eTA’ or they are completely exempt and can enter Canada with their passport without the use of a visa.

Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility Criteria

You must be able to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the Canada Tourist Visa.

  • Be up to the age of 18
  • You must have a valid governmental-issued passport with at least a blank page
  • You need a language proficiency report
  • Also, You must have no criminal records
  • Bank Statement
  • Additionally, You must have no criminal records
  • Fill out a VAC (Visa Application Center) consent form
  • Be ready to attend your visa appointment interview
  • Show that your stay in Canada is temporary

These are the criteria You need to meet before you can apply for a Canada Tourist Visa. Your application will be rejected if you cannot prove that you are eligible for the visa.

Canada Tourist Visa Documents

Additionally, You have to submit the following documents before you can apply for the Canada tourist visa

  • Canada visit visa application form
  • A travel itinerary
  • If you are visiting your family and friend You will need to provide a Canada visa letter of invitation from friends or family
  • Bank statement
  • Also, a declaration letter from you to the Government of Canada. In the letter, you have to explain where they should give you the visa
  • Passport photograph
  • Your education or employment status through a resume or diploma
  • Court documents showing you have no criminal records

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa

There are several forms and steps applicants must go through to start the application for the Canada Visitor Visa. The steps that foreign nationals need are explained in the list below

  • Confirm that You are eligible for the Visa
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Fill out and submit the Canada tourist visa application form
  • Wait for the processing and response
  • Send your passport so they can stamp it

Canada Tourist Visa Fee

The application of a person for a Canada visitor visa is $100 but submitting biometrics will cost you an additional $85. The cost you need to apply for a Canada visa is $185.

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Canada Tourist Visa ranges from 8 to 40 days. Although, this all depends on your country.

What Foreign Nationals are allowed to do with a Canada Tourist Visa

As long as you are in good financial standing the Canadian tourist visa allows you to travel around Canada for less than six months. You cannot stay in Canada permanently with this visa or get a Canadian document.

Canada Tourist Visa Extension

You will need a Canada Tourist Visa Extension if You want to stay longer than six months in the country. This is called a visitor record. You will need to apply for this extension for at least 30 days before your tourist visa expires.

This document is not attached to your passport and unlike a tourist visa. Also, the Visitor records include the date on which the foreign nationals have to leave Canada. This extension is only available while You are inside Canada.

Is Canada Open for Tourist Visa Now?

Currently, You can come to Canada only if You are eligible to travel. However, before you apply for a Canada Tourist Visa, You will need to meet the requirements and have the necessary documents.


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