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Amazon Go – How Does Amazon Go Work

Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores in the United Kingdom and United State operated by the online retailer Amazon. The stores are cashiers so they are partially automated.

Amazon Go - How Does Amazon Go Work

Amazon Go – How Does Amazon Go Work

This post will tell you a few details about Amazon Go.

Amazon Go

As said earlier, it is a chain of convenient stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. The stores are cashierless.

So customers can purchase products without being checked out by a cashier.

The stores were conceptualised by a team of Amazon executives. The executives constructed a square-foot mock supermarket in a rented warehouse.

Amazon Go Locations

In 2021, there 32 Amazon Go Store locations established and announced in the United States.

Also, there are also 15 of them in the United Kingdom as of March 2021.

Amazon Go Stores

From reports, the first Amazon Go Store was scheduled to open to the public in January 2017. However, the store was yet to open in October 2017 because of technology issues tracking over 20 people at a time.

But, the Amazon Go Store was publicly opened on January 22nd 2018. Also, the store sells a lot of Amazon’s house brands.

In addition, Amazon Go opened its first location outside of Seattle at the company’s office in the office Chicago Loop in September 2018.

Amazon also opened the first Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood on February 25th 2020.

How Does Amazon Go Work

Furthermore, below You will get know-how Amazon Go Work. To use Amazon Go, You need an Amazon Account, a support smartphone or device and the application.

Now, You need to scan the app as You enter the store to get through a turnstile. Once done, you can put away your phone and start shopping by picking up items and putting them in a basket.

You can walk out when you are done as you don’t need to check out. You can also easily replace items at any time.

Now, the Amazon Go application has a navigation bar at the bottom with tabs for four screens. Which are Key, Receipt, About and more. Meanwhile, the key screen brings up the QR code that the store’s turnstile scan to let you in.

Additionally, the receipt screen shows what you bought after you have left.

Amazon Go Near Me

Lastly, below you will get to know the Amazon Go Store close to you.  Now, you should know that there are 25 Amazon Go stores in the US. Also, Amazon operates 17 stores across London and some of the stores offer ready to eat meals.

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