How to Activate Target Visa Gift Card @


Once You activate Your Target Visa Gift Card online, You can use it for online shopping and other necessities. Once You enlist Your card, You use it for several transactions online.

How to Activate Target Visa Gift Card @

There are different ways that You can use to activate Your Visa Gift Card. You can Activate the card via or by contacting the customer service line. So, You will get the guide You need for both procedures below.

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How to Activate Target Visa Gift Card via

You can successfully activate Your Visa Gift Card online by visiting So, the list below contains the steps You need for this

  • Using Your Web browser on Your Internet-connected device, visit
  • Once the page loads, enter Your Card Number on the space provided
  • Next, enter the expiry date of the card
  • Enter Your CVV
  • Now, click on the sign-in button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

With these steps, You can successfully activate Your Target Visa Card Online.

Activate Target Visa Gift Card via Phone

Furthermore, You can also activate Your card by contacting the customer care line. So, what You will get below are the steps You need to do this.

You will find the number You need to call on the rear side of the visa Gift Card voucher. Once You find the number, call it and follow the instructions on the call. Generally, the steps that You need to do this are very easy.

How to Access Target Visa Gift Card via

Once You have activated Your card, You can access it by visiting There are two types of Gift Card which are physical cards and digital cards.

The digital gif5 cards are used in-store just by adding them to the digital wallets.

Reasons Why Target Visa Gift Card is Not Working

There are currently a lot of reasons why Your target Gift Card is not working. But the major reason why it is not working may be because You have not activated the card.

There are other reasons for this one of them may also be because the purchase is higher than the card’s balance. So, You should also check Your balance before using Your Target Visa Gift Card for transactions.

Additionally, if You are making transactions outside the United States, the card may decline to prevent fraud measures.

Do You Need to Activate Target Gift Card?

Yes, this is because it is necessary that You activate Your Target Visa Gift Card before You can make use of it. So, once You get Your card, You have to activate it online.


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